Bad Karma

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On Feb the 16th of 1997, Bad Karma merged with Crux to form Crux & Bad Karma (CBK).

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Title Group Category Year
downloadBasket Island - PreviewBad Karma
Crisp - Zynix
Crack Intro
no music - in family
added 8/96
downloadBazza 'n' Runt - one diskBad Karma
Candyman - Crisp - Zynix
Crack Intro
no music - in family
added 5/08
downloadBlack Dawn VI - onediskedBad Karma
Dracs - Nostradamus
Crack Intro
AGA Chipset required - in family
added 1/19
downloadsBlack OutBad Karma
Boone - Crisp - Malc0mn - ...
AGA Chipset required
added 11/08
downloadBounceBad Karma
Dracs - Nostradamus
Crack Intro
AGA Chipset required - in family
added 5/08
on Belgian Scene Event 1997
Bad Karma & Crux
Fast Intro
no music - AGA Chipset required
added 8/14
downloadCamel Racing - CD32Bad Karma
Trespass - Zynix
Crack Intro
in family
added 9/20
downloadCybertech Corporation - OnediskedBad Karma
Crisp - Dracs - Zynix
Crack Intro
no music - in family
added 9/15
downloadDie Juwelen des Lichts - OnediskedBad Karma
Candyman - Crisp - Zynix
Crack Intro
no music - in family
added 5/16
downloadDouble Dragon - AGA FixBad Karma & Crux
David Whittaker - Hein & Ken
Crack Intro
AGA Chipset required - in family
added 5/11

BBS of Bad Karma

BBS NameTypeYear(s)Country
Atlantic1997 Sweden
Brooklyn Zoo1996 Germany
Cybergarden1995-1997 Belgium
Doxology1995-1997 Belgium
Elm Street1997 Germany
Metal ImpactMultinodes, Changing number(s), Ringdown, Major BBS, Busted, Multi-groups BBS1995-1996 Belgium
Nuclear WasteMultinodes, Multi-groups BBS1996 Sweden
Pitstop1996 Norway
Sky Tower1996-1997 Denmark
Trash City1997 Germany
Who Cares1996-1997 Canada
Zillion Hours1996 Finland

Members and Subgroups of Bad Karma

(no subgroups)
Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
-TCB!-Texter, Packdisk Editor, Sysop, Swapper, Organizer, Modem Trader, Founder1995-1997 Belgium
2fastCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Packdisk Editor, Series Publisher, Swapper, Leader, Designer1996 Germany
BIPTexter, Graphics Artist1996-1997 Belgium
BigophoneSwapper1996-1997 Belgium
BooneMusic Artist, Texter, Swapper, Modem Trader, ASCII Artist1996 Sweden
CandymanSeries Publisher, Modem Trader1995-1996 Scotland
ColonelModem Trader, Co-Sysop1995-1996 Belgium
CrispCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Sysop1995-1997 Belgium
DeathriderSysop, Modem Trader1996 Belgium
DracsTrainer Maker, Cracker1995-1996 Belgium
EnzoSysop, Modem Trader1996-1997 Denmark
Eric The REDSysop1996-1997 Canada
FrankyCoder, Texter, Swapper, Modem Trader1995-1997 Belgium
InfusionTexter, Graphics Artist, Sysop1996-1997 Serbia
JavisSysop, ASCII Artist1997 Germany
MadboyOrganizer, Modem Trader1996 Greece
MaknoGraphics Artist1997 Belgium
Malc0mnGraphics Artist1996-1997 Belgium
MarwicSysop1996 Sweden
MeloneSysop1997 Sweden
MosezMusic Artist, Graphics Artist1996 Belgium
Nino1996 Germany
PhantomOriginal Supplier1995-1997 Belgium
Ramis1997 Germany
Reti1996-1997 Belgium
SealapexSysop, Swapper, Modem Trader1996 Norway
TraitorSysop1996 Finland
TrespassCoder, Sysop1996 Australia
U-ManCoder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Sysop1997 Sweden
ZynixGraphics Artist1995-1996 Belgium