Music Artist, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1990
  • Country: Germany
  • Known as member of Rhyme Syndicate in 1990
  • Also with this name: Eagle (Illusions), Eagle (Energy, Reetec, The Hell (Switzerland)) (CH), Eagle (Oxydize), Eagle (Ghost, Relay), Eagle (Phenomena), Eagle (Iris, Gods) (NO), Eagle (Talent) (NO), Eagle (Crypt, Cadaver), Eagle (Ram Jam, Terradon) (NO), Eagle (Omicron), Eagle (Digital Dreams) (FI), Eagle (Northstar/North Star) (SE), Eagle (Speedy), Eagle (Unlimited) (DE), Eagle (Cirion), Eagle (Syndrome, Honoo, Psykotrope) (FR), Eagle (Noxious, Alpha Flight, Pirates) (SE), Eagle (Bluetrack), Eagle (Digiwars) (DE), Eagle (Royal, DD-Style, Last Poets Society, Stonehedge/Stonehenge (Netherlands)/Delta) (NL), Eagle (Byte Busters, Conquerers) (JO), Eagle (Prime) (CH), Eagle (Aurora)

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Rhyme Syndicate
Air - Beatboxer - Skin Dee - ...
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