Trainer Maker

  • Known as active in 1990
  • Known as member of Savage in 1990
  • Also with this name: Michael (DE), Michael (Complex, Level 4, Jetset, Alcatraz, Paradise, Polka Brothers, Lego, Farbrausch, Accooon, Elke) (DE), Michael (Union), Michael (Beastie Boys), Michael (Alpha Flight) (DE), Michael (Black Division), Michael (Lava), Michael (End Of Century 1999, Anathema, Nuance, Surprise! Productions, Delite, The Sound Craft) (GB), Michael (Unreal), Michael (Random), Michael (The Specters), Michael (Fluffy Bears) (PL), Michael

Jobs in Releases

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downloadKlax +4
Job: Trainer
no music
added 12/07