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  • Known as member of Nerve Axis in 1994
  • Also with this name: Tim (Quartex, Axis, Desire, Mega Industries, Elysion, Motive) (NL), Tim (Finnish Amiga Duo) (FI), Tim (Wizzcat) (DE), Tim (Level 4) (DE), Tim (Thrust), Tim (Decade, Power Station (Germany)/Powerstation (Germany)) (DE), Tim (Amnesia), Tim (Mindpower Designs), Tim (Cyborgs), Tim (Parallax) (FI), Tim (Abc-killers) (DE), Tim (Pirates), Tim (Potion), Tim (Spaceballs, The Black Lotus, Cadaver) (NO), Tim (Mindwarp), Tim (Wartec), Tim (Leader Productions, Realms) (FI), Tim (The Flying Rabbits), Tim (MadWizards, Potion, Victims) (PL), Tim (Power) (US), Tim (DE), Tim (X-Trade)

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Nerve Axis
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