Coder, Swapper

  • Known as active in 1990
  • Known as member of Processor Team
  • Also with this name: Psycho (Anarchy, Gate) (FI), Psycho (No Bullshit), Psycho (Dengue), Psycho (Vision), Psycho (Rebels, Reality, Digital Force (yu), Amiga Birthday Committee, OCS-Farts) (HR), Psycho (Mirage Uk) (GB), Psycho (Cult) (DK), Psycho (Clones) (AU), Psycho (Alphawave Association, Budbrain) (DK), Psycho (Loonies, Fbi) (DK), Psycho (Rainbow Trio), Psycho (Apathy, Eltech, Instinct, Darkage, Cyber Soft, Alien Industries) (NO), Psycho (Cyclone, X-Act), Psycho (Session, Relax, Pic Saint Loup, Appendix, Endzeit) (SE), Psycho (Mad Dogs), Psycho (Moods Plateau) (DE), Psycho (The Flame) (NO), Psycho (Trance Inc.), Psycho (Amiga Hackers United), Psycho (Impulse, Shining Chrome) (AT), Psycho (Dominators) (DK), Psycho (Coma, High Society) (FI), Psycho (Skyboard Int.), Psycho (Amiga Syndrome), Psycho (Neudelsoft) (DE)

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Processor Team
Mellow.d - The Graphmaster - Toxic