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This is an article reproduced from Anarchy's Stolen Data #4. According to issue #5 of this diskmag, the Swedish group Multum joined a bit later. ************************************* THE FRIENDSHIP MOVEMENT by MUNSTER / SPREADPOINT ************************************* Perhaps ya have still heard something about FRIENDSHIP. But nevertheles I'll explain a little bit about this new movement. If ya look at the scene today you see a few groups which are organized professionally and make a lot of money in this business. You also see a lot of groups and persons buying from these groups. You see a lot of fights and struggles in the szene, you see groups on TV telling secrets that shouldn't be said officially, you see guys telling private addresses to the police, you see a lot of groups and guys suffering from inferiority complexes who maintain that they are the number one. But you also see a couple of groups which doesn't like this situation and decided to found a movement based on the spirit of friendship, teamwork and fun. Some of these groups are old groups, they still remember the first years on Amiga when only a few groups existed, when all have known each other, when they went to (coder-)meetings and had a lot of fun together. Some groups are younger ones, they are fed up with the spirit of business and competition, they wonna work in a creative way, they wonna exchange their experiences at this great machine and improve their knowledges in coding, music and GFX. And some only wonna have fun and cool chats, they wonna have nice contacts TOGETHER with other freaks, not AGAINST them. Considering this bad development of the scene in the last years some of the best-known groups decided to found a new label: FRIENDSHIP The aim of this movement is to build up a new scene based on friendship, teamwork, cool chats, exchanging knowldges and informations, helping each other and making cool visits and partys instead of always trying to be the number one (really silly), fighting against each other and as consequence of these bad activities making the officials treating simple freaks as real criminals. All the groups which join this movement called FRIENDSHIP spread this idea in all their productions. They also know all other members of FRIENDSHIP coz there are contact-persons in each group who can be contacted by all other member-groups of FRIENDSHIP. The groups in this movement help each other in all cases, e.g. they exchange sources, GFX and sounds, they visit and call each other. And they all can only laugh about groups who claim to be the number one and wonna be sooo coooooool. That's really childish, it's perhaps an aim for little kids, but not for mature computer-specialists. OK, i hope you understand now the aims and intentions of FRIENDSHIP. Now lets say a little about the organisation itself. At the beginning of 1990 I was really fed up with the situation in the scene and wanted to change something. So I searched for persons who thought in the same way. Beneave all SPREADPOINT members Cocaine of APEX agreed with me. Together we tried to spread this idea all over the scene, and something wonderful happened. We met a lot of guys of RED SECTOR at Cebit 90 and some partys and they all agreed!! And when I visited Hannover in the holidays, I met Cocaine, Mr. Soundwave and Dr. Beat. In this evening we founded FRIENDSHIP officially, RED SECTOR, APEX and SPREADPOINT. And we joined some other groups to this movement because I knew that they surely will work in FRIENDSHIP. Now has FRIENDSHIP the following members: Rebels, Subway, Fraxion, Venom, Vision, Red Sector, Apex and Spreadpoint. And a lot of groups want to join this idea. For all these guys who have the same aim like us I give ya now our FRIENDSHIP contact address for more infos. Also write to this address if ya want to join FRIENDSHIP: PLK 185996 E 3000 Hannover 1 W.-Germany If ya have a modem, call our FRIENDSHIP board (with 'coder-corner'), it goes down to 2400 Baud, coz we wonna give coders and other interested persons the chance to call this board (I think most people do NOT have a 14.4 US-robotics) Here's the number: +32 87866808 in Belgium. So that's all for today, if you are interested, feel free to contact FRIENDSHIP. Yours MUNSTER / SPREADPOINT PS: Of course ya can do only legal activities by these addresses. ---------------------------------------

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Flying SaucerMultinodes1990 Belgium

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RebelsSeries Publishers1990
Red Sector Inc.1990
VisionSeries Publishers1990
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