Conan (Willy)
Swapper, Modem Trader

  • Known as active in 1988-1991
  • Country: France
  • Known as: Conan (in 1990), Willy (realname)
  • Known as member of Paranoimia in 1990, Vision Factory in 1990, Angels in 1990-1991, The Great Swappers in 1988-1990
  • Also with this name: Conan (Rebels, Tritech, Tarkus Team, Mystic, Kingdom) (DK), Conan (BE), Conan (Cult) (DE), Conan (Celtic, Megapower) (DE), Conan (Stack), Conan (Equinox, Powerlords/The Powerlords, Total Overdose) (SE), Conan (Pulsar) (FR), Conan (Defcon One/Defcon 1), Conan (ESA/European Software Agency), Conan (Lightforce), Conan (Tristar, The Orgasmatron Crew), Conan (Odyssey), Conan (Vanish, Epic, Exort) (DE), Conan (Deform), Conan (Necatrix), Conan (Cryozone), Conan (Free Flight) (US), Conan (Depth) (NO), Conan (Carnage), Conan (Cyberdreams) (GB), Conan (The Barbarians) (AU), Willy, Willy (Demons), Willy (Zenith, Quartex, Paradox, Agile, Skid Row, Delight, Fusion, Prestige, Thrill Kill Kult) (FR), Willy (Ackerlight), Willy (Ozone Free) (PL), Willy (Epilogue) (PL)

About Conan (Willy)

Willy of The Great Swappers, not the same Willy as in Bomberman & Willy.

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Paranoimia & The Great Swappers
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