Music Artist

  • Known as active in 1990
  • Also with this name: Spike (Magnetic Fields) (GB), Spike (Quartex, Alliance Design), Spike (Red Sector Inc.), Spike (Fairlight), Spike (Razor 1911, TRSI, Monkey Island (Belgium)) (BE), Spike (Rebels, TRSI, Tardex) (AT), Spike (Upfront) (DK), Spike (Dual Crew), Spike (End Of Century 1999, Defcon One/Defcon 1) (GB), Spike (Silicon Ltd, Abnormal (NL)) (NL), Spike (Surprise! Productions) (AT), Spike (Alpha Flight, Nerve Axis), Spike (Iks), Spike (Vixen, Reflectors, Delight, Kløver Dezign) (DK), Spike (Rektum) (DE), Spike (Overlords (NL)), Spike (Eureca), Spike (World Vision) (SE), Spike (Alliance)

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Job: Music

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