Music Artist

  • Known as active in 1990
  • Known as member of Imagine in 1990
  • Also with this name: Echo (PL), Echo (LSD/Light Speed Distribution, Rave Network Overscan, Phuture 303, Optical Illusions) (GB), Echo (Pussy), Echo (Cinefex Design) (NO), Echo (Paragon, Reflectors) (NO), Echo (Digital, Alpha Flight, Delight, Decnite, Delirium, Cyclone Center/Danger Zone (Finland)) (FI), Echo (Plexus) (DE), Echo (Lamers, Flying Cows) (PL), Echo (Mistral), Echo (Megalight), Echo (Overkill), Echo (Deep, Lamer Federation) (FI), Echo (Trianon), Echo (Agony) (FI), Echo (Artemis), Echo (Strangers) (NO)

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