Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1992
  • Known as member of Eureka in 1991-1992
  • Also with this name: Toxic (The Silents, House Of Lust) (DK), Toxic (The Hacking Relation) (GB), Toxic (End Of Century 1999, Majic 12, Anathema, Nuance, Surprise! Productions, Delite) (GB), Toxic (Threat), Toxic (Kefrens, Bounty) (DK), Toxic (The Electronic Knights, Rebels, Abyss, Frantic, Starlight, Beyond) (DE), Toxic (Bamiga Sector One) (GB), Toxic (Virtual) (SE), Toxic (Piranhas), Toxic (Eremation, Amnesia) (CH), Toxic (Alpha Flight, Outlaws, Euro Trade Center/Toxicity) (BE), Toxic (Byte Busters), Toxic (Freezers), Toxic (Interactive) (DE), Toxic (Cyanide) (DE), Toxic (Vision, Analog, Resolution 101, Elicma, Cyanide, Vision Inc.) (DE), Toxic (Recall), Toxic (Erosion) (FI), Toxic (Splash, Design) (DE), Toxic (Illegal) (NL), Toxic (Timecode), Toxic (Freehand) (GB), Toxic (Visual), Toxic (Anthrox, TRSI, Hoodlum, Delirium, The Data Division/Data Division, Toxic & Perfection) (DE), Toxic (Processor Team), Toxic (Binary Brothers), Toxic (Black Jack), Toxic (X-Cessive) (DE)

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downloadIntro of Welcoming
Job: Graphics (fonts, names)
added 11/10
downloadOK Corral
Job: Graphics
added 9/16