Coder, Texter

  • Known as active in 1992
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Known as member of LSD in 1993, Alliance in 1992
  • Also with this name: Violator, Violator (Alliance, Apocalypse, Pyrogenic), Violator (Wizzcat, Mirage, Dual Crew, Eclipse) (GB), Violator (Venom) (SE), Violator (Vision Factory, Agnostic Front, Delight) (DE), Violator (Eltech) (GB), Violator (Defjam, Maffia, Top Swap, Dazzle, Adept) (SE), Violator (Access (new)), Violator (Contex)

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downloadIcarus Joined
Job: Code, Text
added 6/10