Coder, Texter, Leader

  • Known as active in 1991
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Known as member of Pussy in 1991
  • Also with this name: Alf (The Silents) (GB), Alf (Quadlite) (DE), Alf (Classic), Alf (Legend, Voice, Virtual, Division A) (SE), Alf (Palace, Alpha Flight, Traders' Heaven (Denmark)/Traders' Heaven (Sweden)) (DK), Alf (Escape, Outlaws (Norway)/The Outlaws) (NO), Alf (Supplex) (DE), Alf (Complex, Virtual Dreams, Team-X, Offworld, Destiny (FI)) (FI), Alf (The Time Circle/Timecircle, Taipan), Alf (Tribe, Ringleaders), Alf (Thrill), Alf (Network, Mind Warriors, The Squad/Current Cracking Crew) (NO), Alf (Scream), Alf (Legend, TRSI, Melmac) (DE), Alf (PL), Alf (Abyss), Alf (Gyro-Soft) (NO), Alf (Belgian Cracking Association/Saxxon/The Saxxons Crew) (BE), Alf (Powerfront) (DE), Alf (The Kraftwerk Duo), Alf (Savage, Internal Vendetta) (GB), Alf (The Outlaws) (DE)

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downloadLittle Beauty
Job: Code, Text
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downloadLittle BeautyDemo
-TCB!- - Alf - Amtrak - ...
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