• Known as active in 1988
  • Known as member of Defjam in 1988
  • Also with this name: Alex (Vegatronik, Magic Owls) (SK), Alex (Heresy) (FR), Alex (The Silents, Dreamdealers, Movement, Complex, Digital, Alcatraz, Melon Dezign, Cyclone) (FR), Alex (Wizzcat, Intuition, Silver Spirit) (FI), Alex (Mirage), Alex, Alex (Celtic), Alex (Compact Inc.), Alex, Alex (Black Monks), Alex (Analog), Alex (Paragon), Alex (Awake) (DE), Alex (Sanity, The Special Brothers, Black Line) (DE), Alex (Freezers) (PL), Alex (Obsession) (PL), Alex (Soc. Brigade), Alex (Tuc) (DE), Alex (Cadaver, Corrosion, Reason) (RS), Alex (Nfa), Alex (Mindwalkers), Alex (Avantage) (HU), Alex (Muffbusters) (HU), Alex, Alex (Infinite Perfection) (FR), Alex (Rebirth), Alex (F4CG), Alex (Braindead)

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As Member of Red Sector Inc.CategoryAuthorYear
downloadKatakis +3Trainer
no music
Defjam & Red Sector Inc.
added 1/10
As Member of DefjamCategoryAuthorYear
Defjam & CCS Compact Disk 11Packdisk
Computerbrains Cracking Service & Defjam
added 5/16