• Known as active in 1991
  • Known as member of Network in 1991
  • Also with this name: Metal (Deadline, Upfront, Humanoids, Vip Division) (DK), Metal (Ecstasy), Metal (Adept), Metal (Artwork), Metal (Destiny) (GB), Metal (Dictators, Gods, Insane, Pirates, Hardcore Design, Teladon, Amaze, Quixotic, Patriots, Antagon, Sence, The Far Side/The Farside BBS, Redline (SE), Damage) (SE), Metal (Parallax, Boomtown) (FI), Metal (Motion, Academy) (NO), Metal (Funzine) (PL), Metal (Decept), Metal (Impact Management), Metal (Banana Dezign, Polaris, The Independents) (HR), Metal (Funbasklova), Metal (Esprit Inc), Metal (FR)

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on Parallax and Complete Death Party

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Digital Artists Inc
Not For Children
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