About Rcap

RCAP/RDAP was a French releases group divided in two branches, one for cracking games (RCAP) and the other for spreading these (RDAP) RCAP - Réseau de Crackers Associés Parisiens (Network of Associated Parisian Crackers) was the crack division.

Jobs in Releases

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Title Group Category Year
downloadSpace RacerRcap & Rdap
Cia - Karsten Obarski
Crack Intro
added 9/08

Members and Subgroups of Rcap

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Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
B.strSpreader1988 France
CiaCoder1988 France
DavideoCoder, Spreader, Leader, Original Supplier1988 France
Dom1988 France
LtfSpreader1988 France
Seeker1988 France