• Known as active in 1991
  • Country: Germany
  • Known as member of The Cracking Boys in 1991
  • Also with this name: Shocker (Mystix, Decay, Infinity) (AU), Shocker (Vision, Compact Inc.) (NO), Shocker (Pirates, Fanatic (old)) (CH), Shocker (Twilight Zone) (US), Shocker (Origin), Shocker (Accession, Sonic/Sonik Clique/Sonik, Alpha Flight) (FI), Shocker (Hardline), Shocker (Dreamdealers, Agile, The Special Brothers, Drifters, Toxic Trooper, Infinite Perfection, Canal Cracker Crew, Overgrowth, Cryo, Abuse (old), Les Nuls) (FR), Shocker (Technoflight), Shocker (Eclipse) (FI), Shocker (Sector 4) (FI), Shocker (Virtual Design/Virtual Design Inc) (CH), Shocker (Vicious), Shocker (Termos, Illusion (new)) (PL), Shocker (Turk), Shocker (Dual Crew) (NO), Shocker (Andylon) (SE), Shocker (The Lords) (NL)

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downloadSynthetic Editors
Job: Text, Edit
The Cracking Boys
added 9/19

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downloadKeep on IceDemo
The Cracking Boys
Black - Felix - Mr. Moonro - ...
added 5/08