Coder, Music Artist, Texter, Cracker

  • Known as active in 1988-1989
  • Country: Sweden
  • Known as member of Red Sector Inc. in 1988, Flash Cracking Group in 1989
  • Also with this name: Flash (Share And Enjoy), Flash (Mayhem), Flash (Paragon, Triumph) (NO), Flash (Scoopex, Vision, Shape) (NO), Flash (Speedy, Score) (DK), Flash (Cycron), Flash (Skandal), Flash (Genetic (PL)) (PL), Flash (Innerzity), Flash (Paradise, Platin) (DE), Flash (Fifth Generation, Nfa), Flash (Zylon/Zylon/alpha Flight), Flash (Frantic, Vanish, Anxious, Access) (DE), Flash (Jetspeed, Sscg) (FI), Flash (Therapy), Flash (Outlaws) (BE), Flash (Black Monks, Fantasy, Magic Circle (DE)) (DE), Flash (Falcons) (DK), Flash (Sync Minds), Flash (Vicious), Flash (Naxxos), Flash (The Brothers, Quasar (TK)), Flash (Brygada R/R) (PL), Flash (Nexus(PL)) (PL)

Jobs in Releases

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Title Group Category Year
downloadCoral Demo
Job: Code
Flash Cracking Group
added 1/08
downloadsMegademo v1.0
Job: Code, Text
Defjam & Red Sector Inc.
added 9/17

Releases that mention this Person as a Member

As Member of Red Sector Inc.CategoryAuthorYear
downloadSarcophaserCrack Intro
has effects - in family
Red Sector Inc.
added 4/96
downloadCollection 15 Intro
aka Blit It In
Red Sector Inc.
Karsten Obarski
added 3/96
downloadAlternate Reality: The CityCrack Intro
no music
Red Sector Inc.
Axel - Irata - Stephan
added 6/13