Coder, Graphics Artist, Organizer, Original Supplier

  • Known as active in 1999
  • Country: Russia
  • Known as member of Extreme (new) in 1999-2000
  • Also with this name: Magic (Adict), Magic (PL), Magic (Zenith, Savage, Prestige, Vega), Magic (Mirage, Xentrix, Nah-Kolor, Applause, Cyanide, Monk, Da Bagger Production Posse, Mystic Maze/The Mystic Maze) (NL), Magic (Energy), Magic (D-Tect), Magic (Frantic), Magic (Cave) (DK), Magic (Gnu Design), Magic (Vision, Alpha Flight) (SE), Magic (Hysteric) (DE), Magic (Ozone Free) (DE), Magic (Dark Star) (DE), Magic (Crack Inc.) (SE), Magic (Discovery, Dominators WHQ) (IT), Magic (Sadist) (PL), Magic (Taipan) (NL), Magic (Silent Cracking Service, Twin Peaks (DE)) (DE)

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on Assembly 1999

Job: Graphics (design)
Extreme (new)
64k Intro
AGA Chipset required
added 12/07