Modem Trader, Original Supplier

  • Known as active in 1994-1995
  • Country: Belgium
  • Known as member of Chryseis in 1993, Outlaws in 1994-1995, Therapy in 1994
  • Also with this name: Flash (Share And Enjoy, Mayhem), Flash (Paragon, Triumph) (NO), Flash (Scoopex, Vision, Shape) (NO), Flash (Parasite, Speedy, Score) (DK), Flash (Cycron) (NO), Flash (Skandal), Flash (Sound Killers, Genetic (PL)) (PL), Flash (Innerzity), Flash (Paradise, Platin) (DE), Flash (Fifth Generation, Nfa) (GB), Flash (Zylon), Flash (Frantic, Vanish, Anxious, Access) (DE), Flash (Jetspeed, Sscg) (FI), Flash (Flash Cracking Group) (DE), Flash (Black Monks, Fantasy, Magic Circle (DE)) (DE), Flash (Falcons) (DK), Flash (Sync Minds), Flash (Vicious), Flash (Naxxos), Flash (Red Sector Inc., Flash Cracking Group) (SE), Flash (The Brothers, Quasar (TK)), Flash (Brygada R/R) (PL), Flash (Nexus(PL)) (PL), Flash (Alpha Flight) (TR)

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