• Known as active in 1989
  • Country: USA
  • Known as member of Threat, Thrust, Invisible Crime in 1989
  • Ex System Operator of Fort Knox (USA)
  • Also with this name: Shade (D-Mob) (US), Shade (Legend) (SE), Shade (Carnage), Shade (The Silents, Dual Crew, Alcatraz, Analog, Splash) (DE), Shade (Sonic/Sonik Clique/Sonik) (FI), Shade (Scoopex, Iris, Digital, Anathema, Surprise! Productions, Nah-Kolor, Freezers, Maniacs) (GB), Shade (TRSI, Eremation, Gods, Devils, Essence, Everyware, Shamrock) (NO), Shade (Starline) (FI), Shade (Breathe) (PL), Shade (Offworld) (FI), Shade (Bundies), Shade (Magnetic Fields, Loctite) (FI), Shade (Conspiracy (OZ)), Shade (Dark Millenium) (FI), Shade (Investation, Fear) (PL), Shade (Nerve Axis) (GB), Shade (Trilogy)

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As Member of Invisible CrimeCategoryAuthorYear
downloadHigh-Technology ProductionIntro
Invisible Crime
Anax - Don Giovanny - Silversurfer
added 1/06
downloadMegaCruncher v1.0Crack Intro
no music
Invisible Crime
added 3/18