Liquid Skies Records

  • Known as active in 2001-2004
  • Members countries: see members

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Title Group Category Year
downloadLiquidation 1Liquid Skies Records
Asarhad - Factor6 - Lcr - ...
Chip Music Pack
downloadLiquidation 2Liquid Skies Records
Angeldust - Asarhad - Curt Cool - ...
Chip Music Pack

Members and Subgroups of Liquid Skies Records

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Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
Da FreakTexter, Graphics Artist, Designer2001 Germany
Factor6Coder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist2001 Czech Republic
KuadziwDesigner2001 Poland
LahveCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Diskmag Editor, Swapper, Organizer, Designer2001 Czech Republic
LcrMusic Artist2004 Poland
MakakCoder, Texter2001 Poland
OttonMusic Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, 3D Designer2001 Poland
RepulsivetomashMusic Artist2001 Poland
SpectraMusic Artist, Texter2001 Poland