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Jungle Command history typed in by Boil in december 1988. 1988 what a year was that after i founded jungle command together with MCS late 87 we never thought that we would be that famous (cant deny that) together with Ghetto Shark (an old mate of me on the 64) and a guy named act we started out. Why act bailed out we never know but i think he is sorry now ! Then Exterminator joined Jungle Command (also a pal from the 64) Now very busy with his game (so you wont find any code from him here!) But he made for us a breakthru with soundtracker ii it was just megatraxx build into soundtracker. After that Master Blaster joined us also a very famous guy. After we released his axel f piece on music invasion ii, then the developement went very fast. Met Travelling Jack at a meeting in Venlo showing his music to somebody and only after a week or two he had become one of us. Dragonsoft also joined Jungle Command but left after we found out that some pictures and sources were spread. Valiar joined Jungle Command on Master Blasters reference (he lived a few houses further down the road!) but has very little time due to crawling in the mud for the dutch army. Slide (my brother) sold his 64 and bought an amiga and after a month he also became a member. Finally our newest member is Artelli selected on his graphic capabilities ... (so cracker journal you dont have to interview us anymore just copy this.. har har) ... listen carefully i shall say this only once.

Jobs in Releases

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Title Group Category Year
downloadAnother One
on Golden Delta Copy Party

Job: Music
Oks Import Division
Captain Power - Grimlock
downloadAnother PackJungle Command
no music
added 2/06
downloadAvis Cool Demo
Job: Music
Amigavision Crew
G.i. Chris - Jmd - Joe - ...
added 4/95
downloadBootleg 1.0Jungle Command
no music
added 12/12
downloadBootleg 2.1Jungle Command
no music
added 1/10
downloadBootleg v2.0 IntroJungle Command
added 6/20
downloadCollection 15 Intro
aka Blit It In

Job: Code
Red Sector Inc.
Karsten Obarski
added 3/96
downloadCollection 16
Job: Code (Bootloader)
Joy Division & Robot Session
added 7/06
downloadCritical PromotionCritical & Jungle Command
MCS - Master Blaster - The Chosen One - ...
added 5/97
downloadFlight Simulator II - European Scenery Disk
Job: Music
Crazy Typer - Ming
Import Intro
in family
added 5/10
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Members and Subgroups of Jungle Command

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Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
AkosoftMusic Artist1988
Animal (Kees)Graphics Artist1988 Netherlands
ArtelliMusic Artist, Graphics Artist1988-1989 Netherlands
BoilCoder, Texter, Packdisk Editor, Swapper, Organizer, Founder1988-1989 Netherlands
Dr. FxCoder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist1989 Netherlands
DragonsoftSwapper1988 Netherlands
ExterminatorCoder, Music Artist, Graphics Artist1988-1990 Netherlands
Ghettoshark (aka Ghetto Shark)Graphics Artist, Swapper1988-1989 Netherlands
KraakCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist1989 Netherlands
MCSCoder, Texter, Sysop, Swapper, Founder1988-1991 Netherlands
Master BlasterMusic Artist, Texter1988-1992 Netherlands
Mike PotCoder, Texter1989 Netherlands
RamonMusic Artist1988 Netherlands
SlideCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Swapper1988-1989 Netherlands
TJ1989 Netherlands
The Chosen OneGraphics Artist1991 Netherlands
The FoxCoder, Music Artist, Texter1989 Netherlands
The PsychosMusic Artist1988
Travelling JackMusic Artist1988-1989 Netherlands
ValiarCoder, Texter1988-1991 Netherlands