Texter, Packdisk Editor

  • Known as active in 1991-1992
  • Country: Norway
  • Known as member of Dexion in 1991, The Silents in 1991-1992, Offence in 1991
  • Also with this name: Rob (GB), Rob (LSD/Light Speed Distribution) (GB), Rob (Classic), Rob (Legend, Black Monks, Supplex, Supreme, Ozone, Sensics, Risk, The Syndicate) (DE), Rob (Frantic), Rob (Alliance), Rob (Cavemen) (NO), Rob (Weird Science) (SE), Rob (Quartex, High Quality Crackings, The Champs, Dynamic Duo) (DE), Rob (Kns-crew, Fast Team), Rob (101 The Maltese Hackers) (MT), Rob (Sect), Rob (Absence), Rob (Half Brains Team) (IT), Rob (Perspex, Neo, Dual Format/Dual 4mat, The Vegas Gunmen, Cybornetics) (GB), Rob (Draco) (SE), Rob (Crystal, Oracle, Angels, Tartan Army, Public Enemy No. 1, Genesis, Eclipse (old)) (GB), Rob (Heresy), Rob (Flashtro), Rob (PL), Rob (Tronix) (GB), Rob (Mystix, Kaos) (AU), Rob (Thanatos) (NL), Rob (Shape) (NO), Rob (High Quality Crackings) (DE), Rob (Actionforce Inc.) (DE)

About Rob

Was an Amiga 600 Computer user.

Jobs in Releases

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downloadSurvival Kit 1
Job: Text, Edit
The Silents
added 3/06

Releases that mention this Person as a Member

As Member of The SilentsCategoryAuthorYear
downloadAddicted To SilenceIntro
The Silents
Butch - D-Zire - Rayban
added 3/98
As Member of DexionCategoryAuthorYear
downloadTube Pack 30Packdisk
Mercy - Natrix - Pet
added 1/06
As Member of OffenceCategoryAuthorYear
downloadMicrobes +6Trainer
no music
Lord Mindless - Mutant
added 12/14