• Known as active in 1992
  • Country: Norway
  • Known as member of Cryptoburners in 1992
  • Ex System Operator of Hole In The Wall (Norway) in 1992
  • Also with this name: Gizmo (Rebels), Gizmo (Cult) (DK), Gizmo (Dual Crew) (SE), Gizmo (Tension (SWE)) (SE), Gizmo (Grace, Vanish, Logic) (DE), Gizmo (Arsenic, Icebird), Gizmo (Destiny), Gizmo (Oxyron), Gizmo (Alpha Flight, Venture) (DE), Gizmo (Skid Row, Pariah Impact, Kaos Design) (DK), Gizmo (Weird Science), Gizmo (Northstar/North Star), Gizmo (Creators) (NO), Gizmo (Australian Crackers United, Omega 5, Punishers) (AU), Gizmo (Humanoids, Oz) (NO), Gizmo (Bignonia) (NL), Gizmo (The Black Lotus, Dead Hackers Society) (SE), Gizmo (Overlords (NL)), Gizmo (Troy), Gizmo (Dazzle, Megalight) (SE), Gizmo (Steel), Gizmo (Lexus), Gizmo (Digital Fire), Gizmo (Morbid Angels) (SE), Gizmo (Ultima) (GB), Gizmo (Demons), Gizmo (Sunriders) (SE)

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Dali - Heatseeker - Uno
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