• Known as active in 1992
  • Country: Norway
  • Known as: Blaze (since 1992), Hitman (in 1992)
  • Known as member of Grace in 1992, Unlimited in 1991
  • Also with this name: Blaze (Elite Inc.) (SE), Blaze (Royal Amiga Force, Legend), Blaze (Balance) (NO), Blaze (Cryptoburners, Amonia) (NO), Blaze (Wizzcat, X-Trade, Ram Jam, Freezers, Corpse, Vox Dei, Horrorscope) (SE), Blaze (Zylon/Zylon/alpha Flight), Blaze (Giants), Blaze (Session, Insane, Endzeit) (SE), Blaze (Manitou) (TR), Blaze (Dual Crew-Shining/DCS, Nah-Kolor, Appendix, Floppy, Phuture 303, Endzeit, Przyjaciele Stefana B., Squeezers, Thefect, Vodka People) (PL), Blaze (Shock) (FI), Blaze (Infocorner), Blaze (Defiance, Strange, Death Defiers, Draco, Cizeron, Tension (SWE)) (SE), Blaze (Shockwave), Blaze (Free Flight), Blaze (Exile) (NO), Blaze (Dominators) (DK), Hitman (Dexion) (DK), Hitman, Hitman (0032 Bits), Hitman (Acid), Hitman (Iris) (NO), Hitman (Mystix), Hitman (Soko), Hitman (Prestige), Hitman (Assault) (FI), Hitman (IT), Hitman (Code HQ) (AU)

About Hitman

Hitmen left Grace and renamed into Blaze, and also formed his own group named as Sequence.

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