Coder, Modem Trader, Co-Sysop

  • Known as active in 1989-1996
  • Country: Finland
  • Known as member of X-Men in 1989, Vertigo in 1990, Dual Crew in 1992, Nemesis in 1992, Agile in 1991, Action in 1991, Damones in 1994, Dual Crew-Shining in 1993
  • Ex System Operator of Lunatic Asylum (Finland) in 1994-1996, Concealed Dimension in 1990
  • Also with this name: Ice (Genesis (new)), Ice (Anthrox, Punishers, Power, Martyrium) (AU), Ice (Static Bytes) (DK), ICE (Sanity, Decade, Frantic, Crying Fields/The Crying Field) (DE), Ice (Channel 42) (DK), Ice (Palace), Ice (Prime), Ice (Atomic, Stone Arts) (NO), Ice (Prong) (IT), Ice (Sardonyx), Ice (Syndicate (new)), Ice (Chaos (1992-94)), Ice (Austex) (AU), Ice (Alpha Flight, Lunatic Earls), Ice (Amnesty) (PL), Ice (Genestealers), Ice (Strobe), Ice (Royal), Ice (Dromex) (DE), Ice (Orion (A)), Ice (Rape), Ice (Birra Bros), Ice (Digital Underground, Phantasm), Ice (The Family), Ice (Chaos D-Sign) (NL), Ice (Ratcat), Ice (Instinct) (NO), Ice (Prophecy, Tarkus Team, Alpha Ceti Six/Ceti Alpha Six) (US), Ice (Teutonics) (DE), Ice (Sapphire), Ice (Amigaze Team) (FI), Ice (Factor 4) (AU), Ice (The Silents, Royal Amiga Force, Vision Factory, Skid Row, Amaze, Somewhere In Time/S.w.i.t.) (SE), Ice (Sector 4) (SE), Ice (Amaze) (FI), Ice (Tribe, Unique), Ice (Sphinx (old)), Ice (SE), Ice

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downloadMental Collection 8 Intro
Job: Code
Stack & X-Men
added 12/93

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downloadsFill 'Em AllDemo
Delorean - Replica - Sulky Fellow
added 8/94
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downloadAction BBS & MembersIntro
added 10/97
As Member of NemesisCategoryAuthorYear
downloadBoppin'Crack Intro
no music - in family
N.O.M.A.D - Ninja - Wolverine
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