Texter, Sysop, Swapper, Modem Trader

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European Top 30 #3 (1992-11) reports : Circulator joined 2000 AD with his BBS, he just left Silents

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downloadYet Another Download
Job: Text
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downloadTop Secret 09Diskmagazine
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Majic 12
Acropole - Avantage - Cps - ...
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 Date 91-11-05   ³Victim¹ : ²Circulator / Silents³ Aggressor¹ : ²TFG / Majic 12¹

³ Your name,group and function ?
   - 'ebba ! Ich bin Circulator and I'm besides mail- and  modemtrading  also
   doing a little organising. I am a male (no shit !) and I  guess I have the
   same interests as  most  other 16  years old  dudes : partying, computing,
   girlfriends, taekwondo and so on.

³ How long time have you had your Amiga ?
   - I have had  my Amiga since the  begining of 1988, b
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Butch - D-Zire - Rayban
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Logo 7
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