• Known as active in 1991
  • Country: Denmark
  • Known as member of Upfront in 1991
  • Also with this name: Ray (Digital) (DE), Ray (Taurus) (DE), Ray (Equinox, Powerlords/The Powerlords) (NO), Ray (Chrome) (FI), Ray (Palace), Ray (Voice, Addonic) (DE), Ray (Scope, Humanoids, Ivory (Norway)) (NO), Ray (Phantasm), Ray (Therapy, Cyber Dreams Inc), Ray (Futura) (GB), Ray (Ghostbusters), Ray (Exort), Ray (Faculty), Ray (Cult, Taipan) (DE), Ray (Freestyle Designs) (HU), Ray (Blasters), Ray (Courage) (DE)

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downloadPlastic Passion -The Floffy-Trackmo
Einstein - Rookie - Spike - ...