Delirium (DLM)

  • Known as active in 1993-1997
  • Members countries: see members

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Title Group Category Year
downloadArcade PoolDelirium
Phil Douglas
Crack Intro
no music - in family
added 1/08
downloadAssassin Special EditionDelirium
Madison - Phil Douglas
Crack Intro
in family
added 1/08
downloadBanshee AGADelirium
Mad Gunman - Maz! - Phil Douglas - ...
Crack Intro
no music - in family
added 11/07
downloadBattle For The AshesDelirium
Madison - Phil Douglas
Crack Intro
in family
added 2/97
downloadBattle For The Ashes (2)Delirium
Maz - Nugget - Wayne Mendoza
Crack Intro
in family
added 3/11
downloadBeneath A Steel SkyDelirium
Maz - Phil Douglas - Wayne Mendoza
Crack Intro
no music - in family
added 1/08
downloadBram Stoker's Dracula +30Delirium
no music - in family
added 11/07
downloadClassic Arcadia & Baby ArcadiaDelirium
Maz! - Wayne Mendoza
Crack Intro
no music - in family
added 3/10
downloadCliffhanger +28Delirium
Topaz - Toxic
in family
added 1/08
downloadD-Day - The Beginning Of The EndDelirium
Maz - Wayne Mendoza
Crack Intro
no music - in family
added 1/08
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BBS of Delirium

BBS NameTypeYear(s)Country
Cold Fusion1994 USA
Dark Tower (USA)Multinodes, Ringdown, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS1993-1997 USA
Eleventh HourMultinodes, Ringdown, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS1993-1994 USA
End Of The World1993-1994 USA
Future Shock Australia
Hades1993-1994 USA
Helter Skelter United Kingdom
Imperial Dominium1993-1994 USA
MentelMultinodes1994-1995 Germany
Neurobashing1994 Sweden
Road To Nowhere USA
Small Vegetable Patch1994-1995 United Kingdom
Social Disease USA
Tempest ThunderstormMultinodes, Ringdown, Major BBS USA
Terminal FrostMultinodes USA
The Bounty1994 USA
The TowerMultinodes, Changing number(s), Ringdown, Major BBS, Multi-groups BBS1994 United Kingdom
The Vault USA

Members and Subgroups of Delirium

(no subgroups)
Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
AfterlifeSysop1994-1997 USA
BaffleTexter, Sysop1997 Norway
BathoryModem Trader, Original Supplier1994-1997 France
Cheech!Coder, Cracker1994-1997 Belgium
DeliteTexter, Sysop1997 Netherlands
DeltaforceSysop1994-1995 Germany
EchoSysop, Modem Trader1993 Finland
FeroxCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Trainer Maker, Cracker1994
FireflashTexter, Sysop, Modem Trader1994 United Kingdom
Fred (aka Wildcard)Modem Trader, Phreaker1994-1997 Belgium
GuidoSysop, Modem Trader1993 Finland
IntruderCoder, Texter, Sysop USA
Mad GunmanOriginal Supplier1994
Mad TurnipSysop, Original Supplier1994-1997 United Kingdom
Majic MushroomCoder, Texter, Packdisk Editor, Sysop, Series Publisher, Swapper, Organizer1994 United Kingdom
MazGraphics Artist1994-1997 Germany
MkoSysop, Modem Trader1993-1994 USA
MunchieOriginal Supplier1994
NTSCCoder, Sysop, Trainer Maker, Cracker, Original Supplier1994 Germany
New Sensation1994-1997
Phil DouglasCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Trainer Maker, Cracker1993-1997 Belgium
RalphSysop1994 USA
RamsesTexter, Sysop, Modem Trader1997 Germany
RushSysop1994 USA
ShadowerSysop1993-1997 USA
The ScavengerSysop1994 USA
The TerroristSysop USA
ToxicCoder, Texter, Trainer Maker1994-1997 Germany