Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1991-1992
  • Known as member of Soc. Brigade in 1991-1992
  • Also with this name: Alex (Vegatronik, Magic Owls) (SK), Alex (Heresy) (FR), Alex (The Silents, Dreamdealers, Movement, Complex, Digital, Alcatraz, Melon Dezign, Cyclone) (FR), Alex (Defjam), Alex (Wizzcat, Intuition, Silver Spirit) (FI), Alex (Mirage), Alex, Alex (Celtic), Alex (Compact Inc.), Alex, Alex (Black Monks), Alex (Analog), Alex (Paragon), Alex (Awake) (DE), Alex (Sanity, The Special Brothers, Black Line) (DE), Alex (Freezers) (PL), Alex (Obsession) (PL), Alex (Tuc) (DE), Alex (Corrosion, Reason, Bullshit Artists) (RS), Alex (Nfa), Alex (Mindwalkers), Alex (Avantage) (HU), Alex (Muffbusters) (HU), Alex, Alex (Infinite Perfection) (FR), Alex (Rebirth), Alex (F4CG), Alex (Braindead), Alex (Excess) (SE), Alex (Tecno-Vision) (PY)

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downloadBash Party Informer
Job: Graphics
23 Celsius Crew & Soc. Brigade

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downloadSome New StuffIntro
Soc. Brigade
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